Monday, February 20, 2012

no. 19 - skip pitlock

Who is the man: Skip Pitlock had just completed his first season in the major leagues in 1970. He started 15 games for the Giants and went 5-5 with a 4.66 ERA.

Can ya dig it: If Topps was trying to make Pitlock look like a dopey cartoon character, mission accomplished.

Right on: This is Pitlock's rookie card. He would appear on only one other Topps card, in 1975. He had grown a mustache by then.

You see this Pitlock is a bad mother: Pitlock was a left-handed sidearmer, whose motion was bad-ass enough for him to do well as a rookie. But he didn't return to the majors until 1974, so maybe hitters caught on to the gimmick.

Shut your mouth: Pitlock had 25 at-bats in his major league career. He struck out in 18 of them. But he did have one career home run.

No one understands him but his woman: Pitlock's major league debut came against the Cardinals. Bob Gibson was the other starter. Pitlock gave up four runs in the first three innings and the Giants lost 4-1.

(A word about the back): Semipro ball? Come on, Skip deserves better than that.


  1. I lived in Southern Illinois in the early 80's and when I went to card shows there was always Skip Pitlock this card featured. Apparently, at the time, people still remember him as the local baseball hero.

  2. 25 AB, 18 strikeouts and 1 home run? Rob Deer made a career out of numbers like that!

  3. By semipro, I assume they're referring to some kind of summer league or team for college players with professional aspirations -- Cape Cod league, Alaska Goldpanners, something along those lines.

  4. His given name was "Lee" but it always looked like it was actually "Lu" in "Lu Clinton."