Thursday, March 8, 2012

no. 25 - clarence gaston

Who is the man: Clarence Gaston earns a card number ending in "5" thanks to the best season of his major league career. Gaston was a breakout star for the second-year Padres in 1970, hitting .318 -- good for sixth in the league -- and making the All-Star Game.

Can ya dig it: Gaston's signature says "Clarence," and that is what he was referred to on his baseball cards during his playing career, but when he became a manager, he suddenly became "Cito" on his cards. It was a matter of others catching up, because Gaston was known as "Cito" from the time he was a kid. He preferred "Cito," and that's all he's called today.

Right on: Gaston had the privilege of being Hank Aaron's roommate during his career. He credits Aaron for teaching him "how to be a man." I think anyone could benefit from being Aaron's roommate.

You see this cat Gaston is a bad mother: The story goes that Gaston received the nickname "Cito" because he resembled a Mexican wrestler by that name. I think being named after a Mexican wrestler is pretty bad ass.

Shut your mouth: There is a Twitter account called Fake Clarence Gaston. I suppose you know you've made it if someone makes a parody Twitter account in your name.

No one understands him but his woman: During the early 1990s when the Blue Jays won back-to-back World Series with Gaston as manager, Gaston was praised by his players for pulling the team together with his steady, reserved style. But when he returned to manager the Blue Jays for three years from 2008-10, he was at the center of a near mutiny by players who complained about Gaston's lack of communication.

(A word about the back): "Clarence virtually rewrote the Padres' record book last season." The two-year-old record book? All right, I'll amuse you and say "wow!"

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  1. I wonder if he appreciated the greatness of Aaron in the moment or if it didn't hit him until later.

    It worked, I'm amused now!