Wednesday, April 11, 2012

no. 36 - dean chance

Who is the man: Dean Chance is pictured with the New York Mets, a team for which he took the mound for all of three games. He was traded to the Tigers in March of 1971 and spent his final major league season in Detroit.

Can ya dig it: Even though Chance was purchased by the Mets on Sept. 18, 1970, I do believe that this is actually a picture of Chance in a Mets uniform. Somehow, in the final 12 days of the season, Topps found a way to get a photo of him in Mets apparel.

Right on: This is the last card of Chance issued during his career.

You see this cat Chance is a bad mother: Chance was one of the first pitching stars for the Los Angeles Angels and will forever be remembered for his 1964 Cy Young Award season when he became what was then the youngest player to ever win a Cy Young Award. That in of itself is bad-ass.

Shut your mouth: Chance wasn't happy playing with the Angels, who weren't very good in the 1960s. He would complain about his teammates' poor play behind him, which drew criticism. He also constantly created trade rumors that featured him as one of the key players being moved.

No one understand him but his woman: Chance's colorful personality led to relationships with the likes of actress Ann Margaret, singer Frank Sinatra, and Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. During the offseason, he would promote boxers. After his playing career, he became a carnival barker and traveled across the country. He later returned to boxing, founding the International Boxing Association. Chance married in 1961 but it didn't last. Maybe not even his woman could keep up with Chance.

(A word about the back): That 1.65 ERA that Chance recorded in 1964 remains an Angels organization record.


  1. Topps definitely had a photographer at Shea in late 1970. Hoyt Wilhem spent only a couple weeks with the Cubs at the end of the '70 season and his '71 card (#248) has him in a Cubs uniform at Shea. The Cubs played there the last four games of the season. I wonder if that's when they took Chance's picture too?

  2. Seems like Chance might have been a little bit arrogant.