Wednesday, July 24, 2013

no. 193 - bob grich

Who is the man: Bobby Grich received his first card despite playing in just 30 games for the World Champion Orioles of 1970. Even more surprisingly, he'd receive a card in the 1972 set despite playing in just seven games in 1971.

Can ya dig it: Rookie card!

Right on: It is very odd to see Grich without his trademark mustache. But he is not displaying a mustache -- that is noticable -- until the 1975 Topps set (he is in action shots on cards in 1973 and 1974 and it's too difficult to tell if he's 'stache-less or not).

You see this cat Grich is a bad mother: Grich had a competitive hot temper, especially when he first started playing with the Orioles. He even yelled at manager Earl Weaver a few times, which I'm sure was a sight.

Shut your mouth: Grich missed a good portion of the 1977 season -- his first with the Angels after signing as a free agent -- thanks to an injured back suffered while trying to carry an air conditioning unit up the stairs.

No one understands him but his woman: Baseball followers often refer to Grich as "Bobby." On his Fleer and Donruss cards, he's also usually referenced as "Bobby." But Topps stuck to calling him Bob (just as he signed his name here) on all his cards throughout his career.

Except one.

Why 1973 Topps and none of the others?

(A word about the back): The abbreviation of League as "Lea." twice for no apparent reason is odd.


  1. Grich was so great - Hall of Fame voters should be ashamed of their performance in 1992 (2.6% of the ballots!?) He should be in there.

    And yeah - he looks really strange with the 'stache.

  2. It's strange to see his position as SS, since he played 2B for so many years.