Monday, August 5, 2013

no. 197 - 1970 a.l. playoffs, game 3

Who is the man: Jim Palmer was the man in the clinching Game 3 against the Twins. He pitched the Orioles' third straight complete game of the series, striking out 12 in Baltimore's 6-1 victory.

Can ya dig it: I sure wish I could use " 'em " in a headline where I work.

Right on: That's a great look at Palmer's old-style "show them the ball" delivery.

You see this cat Palmer is a bad mother: Palmer continued the Orioles pitchers' hitting ways in this series by doubling in the Orioles' third run in the third inning against Bert Blyleven.

Shut your mouth: The Twins committed two more errors in this game to add to their total of six errors for the series. The Orioles had none.

No one understands him but his woman: Twins starter Jim Kaat was out of this game by the third inning and was charged with four runs.

(A word about the back): Lots of pinch-hitters for the Twins (and a pinch-running appearance by Luis Tiant!). A sign of desperation and plenty of relief pitchers.

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  1. Kaat, Blyleven, Jim Perry, and Tom Hall - that's 837 career wins right there. Add Palmer's 268 and we're at 1,105 career wins in one game. Now if that isn't bad-ass...