Tuesday, October 22, 2013

no. 225 - gary peters

Who is the man: Gary Peters had completed his first season with the Red Sox, after being traded from the White Sox in 1969, when this card was issued. He won 16 games with a 4.05 ERA, capitalizing on the productive Boston lineup.

Can ya dig it: Peters is known as a White Sox pitcher, as he had his greatest success in Chicago and spent 11 seasons there. But I saw this card very early in my collecting career and had never heard of Peters, so I equate him with being a Red Sox pitcher.

Right on: That's a pensive look on his face.

You see this cat Peters is a bad mother: The American League Rookie of the Year in 1963, Peters won 29 games in his first two full seasons with the White Sox.

Shut your mouth: Peters hit so well that he was used often as a pinch-hitter. In 1971, he pitched in 34 games, but played in 19 more, hitting .271 with three home runs, four doubles and 19 RBIs.

No one understands him but his woman: It took Peters four call-ups to the White Sox before he finally stuck. He was considered by some as nothing more than a decent Triple A pitcher.

(A word about the back): Peters gave up almost exactly a hit per inning in 1971. Good thing the Red Sox batted .262 as a team that year (the league average was .250).

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