Monday, December 9, 2013

no. 240 - clyde wright

Who is the man: Clyde Wright was definitely the man heading into the 1971 season. He had just won AL Comeback Player of the Year honors after winning 22 games and throwing a no-hitter in 1970.

Can ya dig it: Wright's got his collar up in Yankee Stadium.

Right on: Wright is the most recent major leaguer to be named "Clyde." But teammates called him "Skeeter."

You see this cat Wright is a bad mother: Wright had one win in 1969 -- ONE -- and came back with 22 in 1970. That is badness.

Shut your mouth: When Charlie Finley wanted to use orange baseballs, they tested them out in a game against the Angels in 1973. Wright said the dyed ball was so slippery he couldn't grip it, and added that they should "hide it somewhere and pretend it's an Easter egg."

 No one understands him but his woman: Wright pitched for three years in Japan, and made a memorable impression from the start. Early in the season, he was pulled from a 1-1 game in the sixth inning. He refused to give the ball to the manager and charged off the mound, firing the ball into the dugout. He went in the clubhouse, tore off his uniform and threw it in the bathtub. People started calling him "Crazy Wright."

(A word about the back): Wright still holds the Angels record for victories in a season, tied with Nolan Ryan, who won 22 in 1974.

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