Tuesday, January 28, 2014

no. 256 - tony gonzalez

Who is the man: Tony Gonzalez was an Atlanta Brave in this photo. He was purchased by the Angels in August 1970 and he would spend one year with them in 1971 before going to Japan to play in 1972.

Can ya dig it: I am just noticing the man in the right hand corner staring back at Gonzalez. It's kind of creepy.

Right on: This is Gonzalez's final card and it's kind of sad because it's such an airbrushed monstrosity. Look at that black blotch covering the Braves' "A" logo. It travels halfway around the cap like it's leaking.

You see this cat Gonzalez is a bad mother: Gonzalez was among the major leagues' top fielding outfielders early in his career with the Phillies and among the leaders in double plays turned by an outfielder.

Shut your mouth: During a time when minority players were growing more vocal, Gonzalez, who is Cuban, remained quiet and is not well remembered by those outside of Philadelphia despite a decade as a starter.

No one understands him but his woman: Gonzalez is credited as being the first major league player to wear a batting helmet with a pre-molded ear flap. It was designed for him because he was among the hit-by-pitch leaders each year.

(A word about the back): That "C.A." on his cap does not look right.

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  1. I had sideburns like that in 1971ish as well. I thought I was a badass.

    I NEVER can picture Gonzalez as anything other than a Phillie.