Wednesday, February 12, 2014

no. 261 - darold knowles

Who is the man: Darold Knowles was on his way to the Oakland A's when this card was created. The Senators dealt him to Oakland in May of 1971, along with Mike Epstein, for Frank Fernandez, Paul Lindblad and Don Mincher.

Can ya dig it: I can always dig palm trees.

Right on: I can't get used to Knowles without his mustache. He was wearing it on the very first card I ever pulled out of a pack that I purchased.

You see this cat Knowles is a bad mother: Knowles appeared in all seven World Series games in 1973. That's something you'd never see today.

Shut your mouth: Phillies manager Gene Mauch said of a young rookie Knowles, "he's got the courage of a daylight burglar."

No one understands him but his woman: Knowles played one year for the Expos in 1978, but welcomed his free agent status, saying that taxes, language issues for his family and political unrest in Quebec were too much. He played for the Cardinals in 1979.

(A word about the back): Knowles' won-loss record should be plastered on every site that derides wins and losses as a way to evaluate pitchers. Knowles set career highs in appearances (71), saves (27) and registered a 2.04 ERA all while winning two games and losing 14.


  1. He appeared in more games in the 73 series than R. Fingers who got into 6. He got save in game 7

  2. 2-14 with a 2.04 ERA is wild. He must have had some extraordinary bad luck.