Tuesday, May 20, 2014

no. 293 - pat corrales

Who is the man: Pat Corrales was entering his fourth year as the Reds' backup to Johnny Bench in 1971.

Can ya dig it: I daresay the chest protector is the star of this card show.

Right on: Those soft caps that catchers wore really demonstrate what a different game it was then. It also makes me feel old because I remember catchers wearing soft caps.

You see this cat Corrales is a bad mother: Corrales was voted to the Topps' All-Rookie team in 1965 despite hitting .224 and striking out 42 times in 174 at-bats.

Shut your mouth: Sports Illustrated famously declared the Indians the "Best Team in the American League" in their preseason issue in 1987. By the end of June, the Indians were in last place. But Corrales said, "Sports Illustrated hasn't been getting my hitters out, and it hasn't been getting hits off my pitching staff." Corrales, the Indians' manager, was fired less than a month later.

No one understands him but his woman: Corrales, managing the Indians in 1984, was explaining his "hot and mad" theory on deciding who to start. He said if it worked out right, the whole lineup would be hot and mad at him. "I think I'm losing my sanity," Corrales said. "I started explaining this to my wife the other day. Finally, she looked at me and said, 'how old are you?'"

(A word about the back): I'd like to see this ratings system of No. 2 catchers.


  1. I recall Rick Dempsey still wearing a soft cap in the early 90's with the Dodgers. Am I crazy on that thought?

    1. I know he was the last catcher to wear a soft cap, but I'll have to check my Dodger cards to see if he displayed that there.