Wednesday, July 2, 2014

no. 306 - jim nash

Who is the man: In 1971, Jim Nash had come off his first season with the Atlanta Braves after being traded from Oakland for Felipe Alou.

Can ya dig it: Nash looks like he just heard a loud noise in the crowd.

Right on: I am transfixed by the laughing Brave in this photo.

You see this cat is a bad mother: Nash went 12-1 in his rookie season in 1966 and finished second in Rookie Of The Year voting.

Shut your mouth: Nash appeared on the cover of this Sports Illustrated in March of 1967:

He was part of a story on the A's young pitchers, which included Catfish Hunter and Blue Moon Odom. Adding to the SI cover jinx myth, Nash didn't end up with the careers the other two did.

No one understands him but his woman: As a hitter, Nash struck out 50 times in 74 at-bats in 1968, which is one of the worst percentages among pitchers in the modern era.

(A word about the back): Nash was a pretty big boy for his time, standing on the mound at 6 feet, 5 inches.

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  1. I remember Nash from the first couple of years I followed the Braves and he was a pretty good starting pitcher, if not an all-star. His career had an interesting symmetry. You mentioned his 12-1 rookie season, but it was counterbalanced by his last ,major league year in Philadelphia, where he went 0-8.