Thursday, October 9, 2014

no. 337 - jesus alou

Who is the man: Jesus Alou had just completed his second season with the Astros when this card was created, spending time as Houston's primary right fielder.

Can ya dig it: I don't know what going on in the background with those two guys in the dugout. The one on the left is obviously a pitcher with his right arm protected. The Astros had a lot of pitchers with uniform numbers in the 40s in 1970, so I'm guessing this is Larry Dierker (49), but it could be Jack Billingham (42), Ken Forsch (43), Buddy Harris (46) or a couple others.

Right on: What a stance. If I batted like that, I'd fall over.

You see this cat Alou is a bad mother: Out of the three Alou brothers, all quite talented, Jesus was considered to have the most talent of all.

Shut your mouth: Jim Bouton said Alou was one of the "most sensitive, nicest men I've ever met. He'd walk a mile out of his way to drop a coin in some beggar's cup."

No one understands him but his woman: When Alou first came up with the Giants, a San Francisco paper asked readers for ideas on what to call Alou because they couldn't possibly call him "Jesus" in stories.

(A word about the back): The writeup doesn't mention that his .667 batting average included all of three at-bats in four games in 1959.

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