Wednesday, July 15, 2015

no. 432 - bob didier

Who is the man: After being the Braves' primary catcher during their NL West-winning season in 1969, Didier fell way off in 1970, batting .149 in just 57 games.

Can ya dig it: I guess Didier is pretending to catch a foul pop-up here? He seems to have his glove awfully low.

Right on: I'd love to see a current player sign his full name on a card. ... and make it legible.

You see that cat Didier is a bad mother: Didier finished fourth in NL Rookie of the Year voting in 1969, behind just Ted Sizemore, Jose "Coco" Laboy and Al Oliver.

Shut your mouth: Didier's father is Mel Didier, the longtime coach, executive and scout. Mel Didier worked as an advance scout for the Dodgers in 1988 and was assigned to study the A's pitchers. He told the Dodgers that Dennis Eckersley, when facing a lefty with the tying or winning run in scoring position and a 3-2 count, would throw the batter a backdoor slider. Kirk Gibson, a lefty, hit an Eckersley backdoor slider on a 3-2 pitch with Mike Davis in scoring position for a two-run, walk-off home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Gibson has said that during his at-bat he could hear Didier's voice saying, "podnuh, as sure as I'm standing here breathing, you gonna get a 3-2 backdoor slider."

No one understands him but his woman: As recently as 2012, Didier was an instructor with Big League Experience Baseball Camp with more than 40 years of baseball experience to his credit. But he still can't match his dad, who is in his 80s and has been in baseball since the 1940s.

(A word about the back): One season dipping under .200, and the bio starts talking about other sports.


  1. great card.

    I've always wanted to photoshop it into a much larger picture with aliens invading from above.
    A Mars Attacks/1971 Topps hybrid.

  2. First time I've seen spring training accomplishments mentioned.

  3. I have had the pleasure of meeting Bob 5 years ago. An absolute gentleman and a polite and professional wealth of baseball experience. I almost fell like I can call him a friend. If all pro athletes conducted themselves like Bob does the professional sports world would be a better place.