Monday, October 26, 2015

no. 466 - ken berry

Who is the man: Ken Berry played the last of his nine seasons with the White Sox in 1970. He was traded to the Angels in November 1970 in a six-player deal.

Can ya dig it: Berry is pictured in full White Sox gear, but Topps has airbrushed the Sox logo from his cap.

Right on: I'm always fascinated by writing under the bill of the cap. I don't know what the writing says here -- probably something mundane like "Ken Berry" -- but I want to know.

You see that cat Berry is a bad mother: Berry had a reputation as a fine fielder who made outstanding leaping catches. He won two Gold Glove awards, including his first in 1970.

Shut your mouth: Berry plays a heckler in the movie "Eight Men Out," based on the book about the Chicago Black Sox scandal. He is seen standing up in the stands, hands cupped around his mouth, yelling at Shoeless Joe Jackson, "Hey professor! Read any good books lately?" After Jackson hits a triple, Berry the heckler stands up again and says, "Shoeless Joe! Can you spell cat?" to which Jackson responds, "Hey, Mister, can you spell shit?"

No one understands him but his woman: Berry, who was an advisor on the Eight Men Out film, was originally supposed to play the part of the thug who threatens to kill Lefty Williams' girlfriend if he doesn't throw the last game. But the person in charge of casting changed his role after hearing his voice and thinking it'd work as the heckler.

(A word about the back): A 1.000 fielding percentage for a season is pretty good for an outfielder, but Berry doesn't make it in the all-time list. There have been 10 outfielders who have recorded a 1.000 fielding percentage while playing more than 150 games in a season (Nick Markakis and Brett Butler have done it twice). Berry played in just 130 games for his 1.000 in 1969.

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  1. Ken is now the author of children's books. Good gig if you can get it.