Tuesday, February 9, 2016

no. 499 - 5th series checklist

Who is the man: Since these cards were issued in 1971, we can assume that the batter on the checklist card, whoever he is, is a Cardinal, Red, Phillie or Senator. They wore the red helmets at that time. (The White Sox switched to red caps for the 1971 season, but since '71 cards are based on the 1970 season, we can leave them out).

Can ya dig it: Once again, the checklist gives collectors a jump on the 5th series by appearing 25 cards before the 5th series even begins.

Right on: Hey, collectors! Ernie Banks, Carl Yastrzemski, Vida Blue and Harmon Killebrew are coming in the 5th series!

You this checklist is a bad mother: This checklist features the famed Lowell Palmer. That's pretty rockin'.

Shut your mouth: "N.L. Rookie Inf." The checklist is forced to Infer "Infielders."

No one understands him but his woman: I'm assuming I have that card of John Matias since I've completed the set. But I can't tell you what it looks like at all. Guess I"ll have to wait for it to turn up on the 1971 Topps blog!

(A word about the back): The card number has appeared at the top center for the third straight checklist.


  1. Ahhh the 1971 5th series. My all-time white whale. No store in my 'hood ever carried it. No problem finding the 4th or 6th series, but never the 5th. Ordered it from Larry Fritsch a couple years later for something like $11.00. If only they were still in mint condition....

  2. I would say that your assumption of which team that guy was on is moot, since it is a drawing, not a photo. It's "generic red-capped baseball player".

    On another note, was 1971 the last year for baseball coins?