Monday, April 25, 2016

no. 526 - ray jarvis

Who is the man: Ray Jarvis split the 1970 season between the Red Sox and Triple A Louisville. After the season he was traded to the Angels in the big deal that sent Tony Conigliaro to Anaheim.

Can ya dig it: The printing flaw on the card makes it appear as if one of those laser pointers is targeting Jarvis' forehead.

Right on: Jarvis has just two Topps cards. This is his last one.

You see that cat Jarvis is a bad mother: Jarvis threw his first major league pitches to Frank Robinson. Robinson hit one of them for a triple. But Jarvis retired the next three batters to leave Robinson on third.

Shut your mouth: Jarvis never played for the Angels. He was cut from the team in spring training 1971, played in the minors and was finished in the major leagues by 1972, a victim of arm problems.

No one understands him but his woman: Jarvis is one of 61 players who have struck out five times in one game, the record for a 9-inning game. Of those 61, only Jarvis and five others were pitchers.

(A word about the back): The Rhode Island-born Jarvis played ball as a kid on the state house lawn because there was no park where the kids could play.


  1. I always get him and Pat Jarvis confused.

  2. Also, Ray Jarvis was part of the trade that also had Jarvis Tatum and Ken Tatum.

  3. "Tonight's game featuring Ray Jarvis, Jarvis Tatum, Ken Tatum, and Trigger the Wonder Horse in _______________"

    Sounds like Art Fern describing a movie in an old Tonight Show skit.