Tuesday, May 24, 2016

no. 536 - claude raymond

Who is the man: Claude Raymond was coming off his first full season with his hometown team when this card was issued. The Quebec native was purchased by the Expos from the Braves late in the 1969 season.

Can ya dig it: This is Raymond's only card featuring him in an Expos uniform.

Right on: Raymond, like so many of his fellow pitchers in those days, made sure he was posed ready to field that comebacker.

You see that cat Raymond is a bad mother: Raymond set an Expos record with 23 saves in 1970. It was equaled by Mike Marshall the following year and then surpassed by Marshall in 1973.

Shut your mouth: Raymond broadcasted Expos games on French TV and radio from 1972-2001, longer than any other broadcaster except for Jacques Doucet, who lasted virtually the entire existence of the Expos.

No one understands him but his woman: Raymond is known in the hobby for appearing on his 1966 Topps card with his pants unzipped. He's also apparently unzipped on his 1967 card, although it's not as obvious.

(A word about the back): Yep, Raymond was the first Canadian native to play for the Expos. He was also the first Quebec native to be named an All-Star in 1966.


  1. Actually, OPC had TWO Raymond cards in their 1971 set, with different fronts and card numbers.

  2. Great blog about one of the best sets in Topps history. Keep up the good job. Raymond was also an All-Star -- with Houston in '66, the third Astro/Colt 45 pitcher following Turk Farrell and Tom Woodeschick to be named to the NL squad.

  3. This card is on the short-list of most off-centered cards in this set. I'm not sure I would have even remembered this card if not for spending far too much time looking for one not off-center.