Monday, June 27, 2016

no. 547 - pat dobson

Who is the man: Pat Dobson pitched the 1970 season for the Padres, serving as San Diego's ace for one season before being traded to the Orioles after the season.

Can ya dig it: Why, in fact, Dobson is wearing a Padres uniform (and hat) in this photo! (EDIT: Probably actually a Tigers hat).

Right on: Are we keeping you awake, Pat?

You see that cat Dobson is a bad mother: Dobson won 20 games in his first season with the Orioles in 1971, becoming part of the famed Baltimore rotation with four 20-game winners.

Shut your mouth: Dobson wasn't afraid to speak his mind and it got him in trouble sometimes. While with the Tigers, he complained in the offseason that general manager Jim Campbell was afraid to make trades. That offseason, Campbell traded Dobson to the Padres.

No one understands him but his woman: Dobson met his wife, Kathe, when he was in his first years in minor league baseball, with the Tigers' affiliate in Durham, N.C. Kathe was a hostess for the Durham Bulls.

(A word about the back): The airbrushed Oriole on Dobson's cap looks slightly perturbed.


  1. I don't think it is a Padres uniform, but a Tiger one instead. Some Padres uniforms had a trim close to the neckline but not outward like this. I think the clever painters at Topps but an orange sash on edge of the bill of his cap to be more fitting with the Orioles.

  2. You have a typo in No One Understands. I thought Pat Dobson met his wife, in Durham, not Durham in Durham.

  3. Definitely a Tiger uniform. That is Tiger Stadium's scoreboard in the background. Photo was likely taken in the home team's bullpen