Tuesday, November 22, 2016

no. 599 - norm cash

Who is the man: Norm Cash's career seemed to be on the decline after the 1970 season as he managed just 15 homers and a .259 average in 130 games. But he had one more great season in his holster and that would be the 1971 season.

Can ya dig it: Love the first baseman's stretch pose. The glove looks huge and Cash's back leg tiny.

Right on: It looks like someone left Cash to pick up all the equipment.

You see that cat Cash is a bad mother: Cash produced one of the best underappreciated seasons of the last 60 years. In 1961, Cash led baseball with a .361 average, hit 41 home runs, drove in 132, recorded a .662 slugging average and a 1.148 OPS. Unfortunately, someone else hit 61 home runs that year.

Shut your mouth: Cash later admitted he used a corked bat in 1961.

No one understands him but his woman: Cash was the first Tiger to hit a ball completely out of Tiger Stadium.

(A word about the back): Cash was 36 when this card came out. He doesn't look 36 in the photo.


  1. That 1961 year was such an outlier for him as any other major league in history. I think his 2nd highest BA is 280.

  2. 1961 was the wrong year to have a standout year with the Maris Mantle 61/54 home run focus. Now if Norm would his career year a season later I think he wins hands down. His comeback year was impressive, finishing 2nd in home runs. Something that SABR left out that I recall was that Norm tried his hand at Professional Softball (like John Bateman)

  3. Was Cash's home run out of Tiger Stadium hit in 1961?