Tuesday, May 16, 2017

no. 659 - byron browne

Who is the man: Byron Browne played in 104 games for the Phillies in 1970, his most playing time since his rookie year in 1966.

Can ya dig it: Now that's keeping your head down through a swing. You have to look up eventually, sir!

Right on: This is Browne's final card.

You see that cat Browne is a bad mother: Browne was named to Topps' All-Rookie team in 1966 and can be seen preparing to annihilate his rookie trophy on his 1967 Topps card.

Shut your mouth: Browne led the league in strikeouts with 143 in 120 games in 1966 and his reputation for whiffing followed him to several major league stops. His wikipedia page cracks wise by saying, "to some cynics, his chief contribution was the refreshing breeze on hot and humid South Philadelphia evenings which emanated from his regular swings and misses.[citation needed]"

No one understands him but his woman: Browne's first major league at-bat came during Sandy Koufax's perfect game against the Cubs on Sept. 9, 1965. Browne lined out to deep center field.

(A word about the back): A ninth-inning grand slam to beat the Padres on my birthday? I think I've found a new favorite player.

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  1. Just an exceptionally nice fellow. Granted me an interview years ago and was everything a great guest could be.