Friday, July 28, 2017

no. 685 - moe drabowsky

Who is the man: Moe Drabowsky pitched for the World Series champion Orioles in 1970, contributing four victories in relief during the postseason. But he was dealt to St. Louis in November 1970 and is airbrushed into a Cardinals cap.

Can ya dig it: You can see Drabowsky's curls, which he wore during the late '60s and early '70s, peaking out from under the cap.

Right on: He appears to be admiring his new team name.

You see that cat Drabowsky is a bad mother: Drabowsky still holds the World Series mark for strikeouts in a game by a reliever. He struck out 11 in 6.2 innings after coming into Game 1 in the third inning for the Orioles against the Dodgers.

Shut your mouth: Drabowsky, one of the most famous baseball pranksters in history, was known to impersonate managers and others, including A's owner Charlie Finley. While holding out for more money in 1964, he called fellow teammates who were also holding out and pretended to be Finley. His teammates would reveal to the fake Finley what they were making by saying things like, "but Mr. Finley, $16,000 isn't enough!"

No one understands him but his woman: Drabowsky was married twice. His first wife, Elizabeth, was a flight attendant when they met in the late 1950s. Elizabeth was a baseball fan and admitted to having a crush on Gil Hodges since she was a kid.

(A word about the back): I enjoy a good Hod Eller reference on the back of a baseball card.

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