Friday, August 11, 2017

no. 690 - bob moose

Who is the man: Bob Moose became a full-fledged member of the Pirates' starting rotation in 1970. In and out of the bullpen prior to this, Moose made starts in 27 of his 28 appearances.

Can ya dig it: One of my best-conditioned high-numbered cards in this set. Just beautiful.

Right on: How tremendous is it to have your own built-in nickname? Nobody had to deem Bob Moose "Moose" like with Mussina or Moustakas. His name was already Moose!

You see that cat Moose is a bad mother: Moose no-hit the soon-to-be Miracle Mets in late September of 1969.

Shut your mouth: Moose died on his 29th birthday. He was driving to a golf course owned by teammate Bill Mazeroski where they were going to celebrate his birthday. But Moose crashed into another car on a winding road. I didn't know until researching this that there were two women in Moose's car when he crashed. He had given them a ride after their car broke down. They were unhurt.

No one understands him but his woman: Moose's most memorable on-field moment is probably the wild pitch he threw that allowed the Reds to score the winning run and clinch the 1972 NLCS.

(My observation on the back): Gee whiz, bio writer, Moose actually did throw a no-hitter another time. Maybe mention that?


  1. So Sad when The News of Bob's Car Wreck was Reported. RIP #28

  2. Only no-hitter I've seen live. Unforgettable day.. and that's a sweet card.

  3. And exactly 2 weeks after his last game.