Friday, February 9, 2018

no. 752 - dick drago

Who is the man: Dick Drago pitched 240 innings for the Royals in 1970 as one of their starting staff mainstays. He won 20 games for K.C. in its first two years of existence.

Can ya dig it: Drago had a big ol' stache by the time I figured out who he was (1976 set with the Red Sox), so seeing him smooth-shaven is bizarre.

Right on: This is the final card in the set!

You see that cat Drago is a bad mother: Drago won 17 games in 1971 and finished fifth in the AL Cy Young voting.

Shut your mouth: Drago was a known bench-baiter during his career. As a reliever, he would stay in the dugout as late as possible so he could harass the opposing pitchers.

No one understands him but his woman: Drago encountered child-support issues about 10 years after his career ended. Twice-divorced, he was eventually arrested, but he produced proof of payment at a trial and the sides settled.

(A word about the back): "Owns KC's only victory over Baltimore." That sounds sad, even with the knowledge that this was a two-year-old expansion team at the time.

I'll be back for one more post before wrapping up this blog.


  1. I sort of remember the Baltimore mastery over the Royals. After winning their first game ever between KC and Orioles the O's won every game until 4/30/71.

    Look forward to last post. I estimate I'll be finishing too this year. It is a labor of love, sometimes with the emphasis on labor.

  2. I enjoyed this blog and the 1985 updates as well. I'm looking forward to the last post as well. Just curious but are you going to cover the 1085 Topps Traded set as well?

    1. Yes, I'll be blogging the 1985 (not 1085) traded set, too.

  3. This is not Drago's most famous "last." He was the last pitcher to give up a home run to Hank Aaron.