Friday, January 6, 2012

no. 3 - dick mc auliffe

Who is the man: Dick McAuliffe was a starting infielder for the Tigers throughout the 1960s. He began at shortstop and then moved over to second base. He played in all seven games at second base for the Tigers during their World Series title over the Cardinals in 1968.

Can ya dig it: McAuliffe set a major league record in 1968 when he did not ground into a double play in 151 games played. He still holds the A.L. record.

Right on: It's difficult to tell, but it appears as if McAuliffe has an audience for his picture-taking. I think there are some people seated off to the right.

You see this cat McAuliffe is a bad mother: During a game against the White Sox on Aug. 22, 1968, McAuliffe came up to bat against White Sox starter Tommy John. McAuliffe remembers the first pitch came at his head. The second pitch went behind him. After working the count to 3-2, another pitch went at McAuliffe's head. McAuliffe and John started jawing and then McAuliffe charged the mound. McAuliffe separated John's shoulder with his knee, ending John's season. McAuliffe was suspended five games.

Shut your mouth: At the end of his career, McAuliffe was traded to the Red Sox for Ben Oglivie. A Sporting News article said Oglivie was "the only body Boston was willing to give up to get (McAuliffe)."

No one understands him but his woman: After retiring to manage, McAuliffe was brought back by Boston to play third base late in the 1975 season when Rico Petrocelli was suffering from vertigo. McAuliffe played in seven games, but made two errors that cost the Red Sox a game against the Yankees. McAuliffe was booed and left off the postseason roster. The Red Sox made the World Series that year and McAuliffe didn't play again.

(A word about the back): This is the first of many, many floating heads to appear in this set. If they freak you out, you might not want to look at this blog.


  1. You throw at a guy's head twice and behind him once, you deserve to get your shoulder separated. And that's coming from a guy who thinks pitchers who don't let batters know they can't stand on top of the plate are wusses. By the way, I love the floating heads. Bring 'em on.

  2. I've always wondered what mcauliffe was thinking when this photo was shot. He looks like he's up to sometime with that $h!t eating grin. Maybe he hid Gates Brown's stash of potato chips...

  3. So glad to finally see a '71 Topps set blog--it and the '72s were my favorite card sets of all time. Have to admit, the floating heads were kinda creepy to me back in the day, but I got over them. Keep up the good work!

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