Sunday, January 8, 2012

no. 4 - vic davalillo

Who is the man: Vic Davalillo was an All-Star outfielder for the Cleveland Indians in the mid-1960s. But by this time in his career, he had become an expert pinch-hitter, something that would serve him well in the twilight of his major league career.

Can ya dig it: Davalillo received World Series rings with the Pirates in 1971 and with the A's in 1973.

Right on: I am just now noticing the player growing out of the side of Davalillo's neck, who appears to be kissing the air.

You see this cat Davalillo is a bad mother: Davalillo played in the major leagues until his mid-40s, legging out an infield hit at age 44 against the Braves' Gene Garber on Sept. 22, 1980. Davalillo continued to play until age 50 in Venezuela.

Shut your mouth: Garber was also the opposing pitcher when a pinch-hitting Davalillo dropped down a bunt and beat it out to start the Dodgers' epic rally with two outs in the bottom of the ninth against the Phillies during the famed "Black Friday" game in the 1977 NLCS.

No one understands him but his woman: Davalillo was characterized as having a nervous breakdown while playing in Venezuela in the offseason in 1969. But his older brother Pompeyo, who played for the Senators in 1953, said it was just acute gastroenteritis.

(A word about the back): Davalillo's birthdate was often fudged and not accurate on his baseball cards. Here he is listed as being born in 1940. He was actually born in 1936.


  1. It looks like the player growing out of his neck has smelled something distasteful. It's a good thing players don't lie about their age anymore (Albert Pujols).

  2. Trying to figure out who the player is growing out of Vic's neck - Curt Flood, perhaps?

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    2. To quote Harry Caray...

      "It might could be...IT IS!"