Tuesday, July 10, 2012

no. 71 - 1970 american league strikeout leaders

Who is the man: Sam McDowell is the man for winning the A.L. strikeout title for the third straight year and the fifth time in six years. He fanned 304 batters, which was his second highest total ever.

Can ya dig it: Bob Johnson??? Yes, Bob Johnson. The 1970 season was his first full season in the majors and he struck out 206 batters (he also led the league in hit batters with 11). He would reach triple figures in strikeouts only one other time, in 1971, when he struck out 101.

Right on: Sudden Sam looks intense on every last one of his cards.

You see these cats are bad mothers: Yes indeedy. But we'll explore later.

Shut your mouth: Mickey Lolich, who grew up in a Croatian household, attended Columbia Prep, a Catholic high school, as a teenager. Lolich once used the Croatian phrase "Ida korgo" on his English instructor. But the instructor spoke Croatian. He took Lolich out in the hall and said, "If you ever tell me to 'go to hell' again, you're out of here."

No one understand him but his woman: The Cheers character Sam Malone was based on Sam McDowell. When asked about this in an interview, McDowell joked, "I would say I'm better with women than he was."

(A word about the back): That's quite a range from 77 strikeouts to 304. It looks like Topps changed the font near the end in a bid to keep it to only pitchers with 77 or more Ks.


  1. Sam McDowell is one of those forgotten characters of baseball. I mean, a huge fastball, great nickname, quirks to spare...he had it all.

  2. I loved Cheers, but never knew that Sam Malone was based on McDowell. Yes, I'm playing catch-up again.

  3. What, 77 strikeouts isn't "among the league leaders"? LOL