Thursday, July 12, 2012

no. 72 - 1970 national league strikeout leaders

Who is the man: Tom Seaver is the man, for winning the first of his five strikeout titles in 1970. The 283 batters he struck out in 1970 would be his second-highest total ever.

Can ya dig it: That is quite a trio right there. Hall of Famers through and through and through.

Right on: Each player gets the hero sky shot on this card. It's pretty fitting.

You see these cats are bad mothers: If you can't find bad-ass-ness in these three, then you're doing something wrong. But I'll get into detail later.

Shut your mouth: I was just watching Seaver make a guest broadcasting appearance at the Triple A All-Star Game on the MLB Network. I heard a familiar voice and I couldn't place it at first. I was pleased to learn it was Seaver. I always enjoyed his broadcasting, even if he comes off as a crotchety old man at times (he was complaining repeatedly about how all batters these days swing the same).

No one understands him but his woman: It is a toss-up over whether the first baseball wife I knew by name was either Nancy Seaver or Cyndy Garvey. But Nancy wins out in that she is still calling herself Nancy Seaver.

(A word about that back): Some dude named "Ryan" struck out 125 for New York. Pssssh, he couldn't even get into the first column.

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  1. That has to be one of the best leader cards ever as far as pure talent. That Ryan guy will be ok. I've got a feeling about him.