Monday, August 6, 2012

no. 80 - bill melton

Who is the man: Bill Melton had just come off a 30-home run year in just his third major-league season. He would have another one in 1971 and lead the American League in home runs.

Can ya dig it: Have I mentioned this before? The blue White Sox uniforms are very cool. I think it's time to put some color back in the White Sox.

Right on: Melton might want to watch the amount of pine tar on that bat.

You see this cat Melton is a bad mother: Melton hit a home run on the last day of the 1971 baseball season to break a three-way tie with Reggie Jackson and Norm Cash and clinch the A.L. home run title. It was the first time a White Sox player had ever led the league in home runs. And the White Sox had been around a long time, even in 1971.

Shut your mouth: Melton is now a White Sox broadcaster for Comcast Sports. I don't know his announcing style, but wouldn't it be nice if someone would could give Hawk Harrelson a rest?

No one understands him but his woman: Melton suffered back problems that eventually lead to an abbreviated career. It also hindered his fielding, which wasn't great as it was. White Sox announcer Harry Caray used to moan about Melton's fielding. But Melton came by his back issues trying to save his son from falling off the roof during the 1971 offseason. Melton was on a ladder fixing some shingles on a flat roof and his son was up there with him. His son slipped and fell, Melton caught him, tossed away the ladder, and then fell backward six feet ...onto his tailbone.

(A word about the back): Melton's experiment in the outfield would end with the 1970 season. He didn't play in the outfield for the rest of his career, which lasted until 1977.


  1. The Sox have been wearing their red-pinstriped '70s jerseys on Sunday home games this year. I've loved it so far, hopefully they bring the blue uniforms back at some point too.

    And I'd love to see anyone step in and give Hawk Harrelson a nice, long rest. I've seen some of Melton on Comcast SportsNet, he could be a decent fit, hypothetically.

    I should watch more White Sox games than I already do, but I can't take the "Hawk" for more than three innings or so. It's like listening to a robot.

  2. I agree with Nick about Hawk. I've always found him very annoying. I don't know about Melton. He comes off as kind of gruff. If I were a Sox fan I'd care more.
    Speaking of the red uniforms, he team of Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall are still #1 for me.

  3. Melton does the pre and post game for the Sox. I like him and he seems knowledgeable, but I don't know how he would be calling a game. I don't think he has enough to say to fill a 3 hour time slot.

  4. I like that he edged out Reggie, but saving your kid, now that makes you a bad mother.