Tuesday, August 21, 2012

no. 84 - marcel lachemann

Who is the man: Marcel Lachemann appeared in 41 games in relief for the Oakland A's in 1970 in the most successful season of his three-year major league career.

Can ya dig it: The vest-style uniforms were just about on their way out in the early 1970s. They kind of look out of place on a 1970s card.

Right on: You have to dig a guy with a long name who signs all the letters in his name legibly.

You see that cat Lachemann is a bad mother: Lachemann is currently in his 45th season in major league baseball. The former MLB coach and manager is a special assistant to the general manager with the Angels. ... oh, and he apparently appeared in a Bud Light commercial in 1984.

Shut your mouth: Lachemann would pitch in just one more game in his major league career after this card hit shelves. He pitched a third of an inning and allowed two hits and two runs.

No one understand him but his woman: Lachemann resigned as special assistant to the Rockies GM in 2011 in a philosophical disagreement with the way pitchers were developed in the organization. But he promised to remain in baseball, saying, "I don't think my wife could put up with me day-in, day-out."

(A word about the back): Marcel's brother, Bill, was a catcher in the Dodgers organization and his other brother, Rene, was a bat boy for the Dodgers. What did Marcel have against the Dodgers?

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  1. Maybe the Dodgers had something against him. The last three comments I left all had the number 22 as part of the verification. Will Clark connection? Maybe...