Thursday, September 27, 2012

no. 97 - floyd wicker

Who is the man: Floyd Wicker was a former Cardinals prospect just trying to hold on in 1971. He'd be traded to the Giants in June of 1971 and retire at the end of the season.

Can ya dig it: I think Wicker is wearing an Expos uniform. He played for the Expos during their expansion season in 1969, mostly as a pinch-hitter.

Right on: This is Wicker's first and only solo card.

You see this cat Wicker is a bad mother: I found this hard to believe, but I came across a story about Floyd Wicker that was published in the Burlington, N.C. News-Times TODAY. That's right. On the same day I did this post, there is a newspaper story about the same guy, who played in 81 major league games 41 years ago. What are the odds? Wicker had to be a bad mother to pull off that feat.

Shut your mouth: Wicker says he was a Mickey Mantle and Yankees fan when he was a kid "because they were always in the World Series and always winning." Ugh, those kids drove me nuts when I was young.

No one understands him but his woman: This is Wicker's only solo card (he's on an Expos prospect card in the 1969 set), and he's cap-less. Except for what appears to be a dugout behind him, there is no evidence from the photo that he is even a ball player. That's an unfortunate card for your only card.

(A word about the back): The helmet on Wicker's head features a great, big, airbrushed "M." Wicker played just 15 games for Milwaukee and that wasn't enough time to get a photo of him as a Brewer.


  1. capless on one side and airbrushed on the other. poor guy.

  2. If it wasn't a baseball card, would we even know he was a ballplayer.

  3. Looks like a preacher in the middle of a talk.