Monday, October 1, 2012

no. 98 - joe decker

Who is the man: Joe Decker had just completed his rookie season with the Cubs as this card hit wax packs. He appeared in 24 games for Chicago in 1970, making 17 starts.

Can ya dig it: That warm-up-jacket-under-the-uniform look is never coming back is it?

Right on: Rookie card!

You see this cat Decker is a bad mother: During the early part of his pro career, Decker threw so hard and was so wild that teammates would refuse to bat against him during spring training.

Shut your mouth: Decker was convinced that he pitched better when he was easy-going. "I try to tranquilize myself when I pitch," he said. "If I'm lethargic, I have better stuff."

No one understand him but his woman: Decker's full name is George Henry Decker Jr. I have no idea how that produces "Joe."

(A word about the back): Decker came in the sixth inning for his first major league appearance. He pitched four innings and allowed two hits and no runs. Decker allowed his first hit to Cleon Jones.

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  1. As a junior, sometimes you just adopt a different name to make yourself, well, different.