Tuesday, December 11, 2012

no. 122 - eddie watt

Who is the man: Eddie Watt was in the prime of his career at this point as the Orioles' main relief pitcher. But he had just come off a somewhat difficult postseason. The Orioles beat the Reds  in 5 games for the World Series title. But Watt gave up a home run to Lee May in Game 4 that prevented the O's from a sweep.

Can ya dig it: What do I love more -- the palm tree in the distance or the circle dot in Eddie's signature?

Right on: Watt's got the same unsmiling look on his face in virtually all of his baseball cards. I believe it's mostly to keep the chaw in his mouth. You can't see it here, but it's evident in some of his other cards.

You see this cat Watt is a bad mother: Watt hit three home runs in his career. Two of them came against Johnny Podres and Sam McDowell.

Shut your mouth: The home run that Watt gave up to May didn't sit right with Orioles fans. For the rest of his career with Baltimore, fans would boo Watt when they saw him come into a game.

No one understands him but his woman: Watt was teammates with the very colorful Moe Drabowsky. Watt said Drabowsky was always bringing snakes to the ballpark. Watt was one of the few who didn't mind putting the snakes around his neck.

(A word about the back): Yeah, let's not mention that home run to May. Let's go all the way back to '64 and Aberdeen instead.


  1. Hmm,"ACE" of the Orioles bullpen? 1970 Orioles Baseball Reference has Pete Richert as the closer that year(more saves 13 to 12,and way lower ERA 1.98 to 3.25).

  2. Im not sure where your getting your facts,in the 1970 World Series Game 4,Johnny Bench didnt hit a homer,it was Lee May.

    1. I fixed it. Bench singled ahead of May. For some reason I got stuck on Bench.