Thursday, December 13, 2012

no. 123 - 2nd series checklist

Who is the man: Again, I don't know who the man in the red helmet is. I've wondered though whether the artist based it on any particular player. Pete Rose perhaps?

Can ya dig it: The checklists in this set are different than they were beginning in the mid-1970s. Topps put two checklist cards within the first series. As you can see, the second series doesn't start until card No. 133. I referred to this in the last checklist post. And there is an explanation in the comments.

Right on: This must have been fascinating to collectors back then. Since only the first series was out, they all got a look at which players would be on cards 133-263 before the second series arrived.

You see this checklist is a bad mother: Well, there's something called "Base. Coin check list" at the top of the second column. That's rather intriguing. I don't know when the coins were released during the course of the 1971 set. It's possible the coins were already out when the first series was out, or maybe this was a complete mystery when it popped up on the checklist. Perhaps somebody who collected cards then can enlighten.

Shut your mouth: This was the last checklist that I needed for the set. You'd think it would've been the one from the short-printed portion of the set. But I did manage to get a nice pristine version.

No one understands him but his woman: Well I'm not too thrilled that the secret's out on all the cards that will be coming up next on the blog. I'd like it to be somewhat of a surprise. But you probably don't care.

(A word about the back): There you go, a whole mess more upcoming cards are out of the bag.


  1. I have always liked the older abbreviations for names such as Wm. for William or Geo. for George as shown above. I think it would be difficult to abbreviate names nowadays just because of the increased variety of names.

  2. I remember the coins and remember having a few but no memory of who. I remember the decals or iron on's of years earlier better. I don't know if were continued outside of the series.

    As far as Pete Rose, I'd say yes the picture was based on his stance. His classic stance, he held the bat close to his ear. And even though they didn't win WS, in my mind the Reds were the media darlings of 1970.

  3. The coins were cool. I have only a few of them. Someone should do a blog on these.

  4. I do care and won't look ahead ; )

  5. The coins were inserted into later series wax packs, thus the inclusion of a checklist in the main set.

  6. Dont know when the coins came out but. I know L. Aparicio 's coin listed him as a White sox. His card came out in a later series and he was now listed as a Red Sox. Also his Topps super card shows him in a White sox uni and a note on the back he had been traded to Red Sox