Thursday, May 24, 2012

no. 54 - 1st series checklist

Who is the man: I don't know who the man in the red hat is, but at least you know where I got my blog header.

Can ya dig it: The checklist post is always good for getting a sneak peek at what players are coming up next. Some pretty good ones on the horizon.

Right on: The 1971 checklists are some of the greatest checklists Topps ever made. Some years the checklists are terribly ugly -- full of clashing colors and shapes. But not '71. It's too cool.

You see this checklist is a bad mother: It starts off with "World Champions." Seems pretty bad to me.

Shut your mouth: Did Topps really need to abbreviate "series" to "ser."?

No one understands him but his woman: The rookie cards on the checklist omit the "rookie stars" label that is found on each of the rookie cards. The checklist must not be impressed.

(A word about the back): It seems odd to me that the second series checklist (card No. 123) is listed in the FIRST series. But maybe Topps was giving collectors an advance look at what was coming in the second series.


  1. I always appreciated the checklists where the box for the checklist itself came pre-checked. Showed they were thinking.

  2. At least for 1965 thru 1973, the next series' checklist was always issued as part of the previous series. I guess this was so you had the checklist handy to start marking up from the 1st pack (of series 2 thru 7) purchased.

  3. I never look at the players on the checklist when you show one. I like to be surprised. Ok, never say never, but I didn't this time.