Sunday, May 13, 2012

no. 49 - don money

Who is the man: Don Money had just completed his second full season in the major leagues in 1970. After a fine season at shortstop in 1969, a season after which he was named to the Topps' All-Rookie team, he was moved to third base in 1970 to make way for Larry Bowa.

Can ya dig it: I can't get used to Money in anything other than a Brewers uniform. So, no, I can't dig it.

Right on: There's too much air over Money's cap. It makes him look short.

You see this cat Money is a bad mother: His last name is "Money." No need to look any further.

Shut your mouth: In April of 1976, Money hit a grand slam against the Yankees, only to have it called back because the first base umpire said he called time before the pitch was thrown. This was before I followed baseball avidly, but if it happened one year later, I would be convinced that the umpire was in cahoots with the Yankees. Too many things seemed to go the Yankees' way back then.

No one understands him but his woman: Money played in Japan after his major league career but didn't last long. His family didn't like life in the country and his daughter didn't like her school. Money claimed he was promised a home in a tree-line setting and ended up with an apartment complete with cockroaches. Money left in midseason.

(A word about the back): Floating head! I've decided to keep track of the floating heads in the set by adding it as a label. So far we're up to five floating heads.


  1. I could only remember Money as a Brewer as well. The Phillies cap just threw me..

  2. Hey, I ONLY remember him as a Phillie.

    Too bad he never got to form a keystone-combo with Dave Cash.