Tuesday, January 1, 2013

no. 129 - aurelio monteagudo

Who is the man: Aurelio Monteagudo received his first playing time for the Royals in 1970 after being drafted by Kansas City in the minor league draft in the 1969-70 offseason. He pitched in 21 games after being called up from Omaha.

Can ya dig it: This pose is always weird. Monteagudo is looking in for the sign ... from someone seated in the mezzanine.

Right on: This is Monteagudo's first card since the 1967 Topps set.

You see this cat Monteagudo is a bad mother: Monteagudo left his native Cuba as a young man for Venezuela after Fidel Castro rose to power. Monteagudo became a Venezuelan citizen in 1966.

Shut your mouth: Monteagudo is part of the morbid trivia question about three former MLB Aurelios -- Rodriguez, Lopez and Monteagudo. They all died in car accidents at an early age.

No one understands him but his woman: Monteagudo was well-traveled for his seven years in the majors. He played for five major league teams and 12 minor league ones. Outside of his early cards with the Kansas City A's, this is the only one of his cards in which he's not either airbrushed into a new uniform, hatless, or pictured in a way that hides his old team.

(A word about the back): You mean I could have called him "Monty" without spelling out "Monteagudo" all those times?

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  1. I still have this card, I like it. I think my brother bought it, for I did not buy a lot 1971 cards. I think what makes it unique is the lighting in the background, it appears to be dusk at Yankee stadium (a very unusual time).