Sunday, January 13, 2013

no. 133 - mickey lolich

Who is the man: Mickey Lolich was coming off his first season as the ace of the Tigers' starting staff but didn't fair so well. After two fine seasons serving as the No. 2 guy after Denny McLain, Lolich led the league in losses (19) and earned runs (115) in 1970.

Can ya dig it: Lolich looks like he's in the middle of nowhere on that field.

Right on: Take a look at this card:

I believe that photo is from the same photo session, if not the exact same photo.

You see this cat Lolich is a bad mother: Lolich won three games in the 1968 World Series, taking the spotlight from fellow pitcher McLain, who had won 31 games that season. If you can overshadow a 30-game winner, you're flat-out bad-ass.

Shut your mouth: Lolich was hassled for his "big belly." Lolich blamed it on his posture, saying, "When I'm going good, nobody says anything about it. If I lose a few games, they start saying I'm out of shape."

No one understands him but his woman: Lolich credits meeting his wife, Joyce, in 1964 for his breakout season. She was an airline stewardess and he called her before and after he pitched each game.

(A word about the back): I think Lolich got gypped with the card number. He should have received a number ending in zero or five, as he had the previous two years. Topps apparently saw those 19 loss and took away the honor. Lolich would show them though, winning 25 games in 1971.

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