Friday, April 19, 2013

no. 167 - tom grieve

Who is the man: Tom Grieve, a first-round pick by the Senators in 1966, had just completed his first season in the major leagues, batting .198 in 47 games.

Can ya dig it: Tom's got quite the choice of bats there. And some pretty cool driving gloves.

Right on: This is Grieve's rookie card. He looks insanely young in this photo, especially with how he looked just four years later. I'm wondering if this is an earlier photo, from prior to 1970.

You see this cat Grieve is a bad mother: Grieve's done a lot in his baseball career. He's been a player, a general manager, a broadcaster, and a father of a major leaguer, Ben.

Shut your mouth: Grieve has been a Rangers broadcaster since 1995. He missed a few weeks in 2008 when he underwent prostate surgery.

No one understands him but his woman: Tom Grieve and Ben Grieve were the first father and son to each go in the first-round of the major league draft. I wonder if Tom's wife and Ben's mom, Kathy, is sick of hearing about that.

(A word about the back): Now I want to figure out how many times the word "hot-shot" has appeared on a baseball card.

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