Sunday, November 3, 2013

no. 229 - jim hannan

Who is the man: Jim Hannan pitched his ninth and final season for the Senators in 1970, starting 17 of the 42 games he appeared in for Washington. He was traded to the Tigers in early October, 1970 in the deal that sent Denny McLain to the Senators.

Can ya dig it: For a long time, this probably has been my least favorite card in the vast 1971 set. Cap-less ballplayers always drew a frown from me, but the unkempt hair, the large ear as a focal point and Hannan's traditional dour expression (it appeared on several of his cards) made it especially undesirable. If I was collecting in '71, it would definitely be one of those cards I tried to sneak in my friends' card stacks.

Right on: Final card of Hannan's career right here.

You see this cat Hannan is a bad mother: Hannan is chairman of the board for the Major League Baseball Players' Alumni Association. His bio on the organization's website claims that Hannan's masters thesis on the MLB pension plan was what Marvin Miller studied to familiarize himself with MLB's benefit system.

Shut your mouth: Hannan said that he realized that the Senators were moving to Texas two years before it happened. In 1970, the Senators were leaving spring training to go to Arlington, Texas, to play an exhibition against the Pirates. Hannan puzzled why they'd go to Arlington when they had so much to do in Washington to get ready for the season. The light bulb flickered -- Hannan said he knew then that owner Bob Short would move the team.

No one understands him but his woman: Hannan was the target of some righteous booing by one person who felt he hasn't done enough for MLB alumni.

(A word about the back): "Traded to the Tigers for 1971." Well, 1971 with the Tigers lasted just seven games. Hannan was traded to the Brewers in May and that's where he spent the majority of '71.


  1. The book "Kiss It Goodbye" by Senators announcer Shelby Whitfield covers Bob Short's 3 years of owning the Senators, and the whole thesis of the book seems to be that Short planned to move the team as soon as he bought it.

  2. So, if it isn't this one, what is your least favorite card in the set? Or will you cover that in the write ups?

    1. I think I'll have to research that one.