Tuesday, November 19, 2013

no. 234 - jim lyttle

Who is the man: For the second straight card, we have someone making their solo card debut. Jim Lyttle appeared on a two-player rookie card in the 1970 set, but after having the most productive season of his eight-year major league career, he earned his own card in the '71 set.

Can ya dig it: Lyttle's beady little blue eyes match the skyline.

Right on: This is an upgrade of a really ratty version of this card that I had. It was once one of the most beat-up cards in my set.

You see this cat Lyttle is a bad mother: I think his 1976 SSPC card is fantastic, and I must have it some day.

Shut your mouth: Lyttle has just three solo Topps cards, one each with the Yankees, White Sox and Expos. I just found out doing research that Lyttle ended his MLB career with the Dodgers in 1976. It's rare that someone from this time period plays for the Dodgers and I don't know it. I'm kind of stunned.

No one understands him but his woman: After his MLB career ended in 1976, Lyttle went to Japan where he became a successful slugger. He hit 33 homers and drove in 100 runs with a .318 batting average in 1981. He also won the Japanese League gold glove award four times.

(A word about the back): "Jim showed well." I don't know if that's an actual thought.

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