Tuesday, March 4, 2014

no. 268 - phillies

Who is the man: The Philadelphia Phillies were the second worst team in the NL East entering the 1971 season. Only the second-year Expos kept them out of the basement in 1970.

Can ya dig it: This is the first team card since way back when I displayed the first card in the set. I had no idea that all the team cards arrived much later in the set.

Right on: I'm not sure what that light green area is -- perhaps a mat to make the guys sitting on the ground a little more comfortable?

You see this cat Lucchesi is a bad mother: I believe manager Frank Lucchesi is dead center in the middle row, wearing No. 1.

Shut your mouth: I can't name a lot of players in this picture as the 1970 Phillies are sort of anonymous and their numbers aren't very visible. I do know a young Larry Bowa is the sitting on the ground third from the left. Next to him is Tony Taylor. In the back row, fourth from the right is Rick Wise. Next to him is Woodie Fryman. That's about all I've got.

No one understands him but his woman: I'm going to guess that the man in the splendid red jacket is either general manager Jim Quinn or owner Robert Carpenter Jr.

(A word about the back): It's interesting to me that the color background behind the stats here is a light green but with the Orioles team card it was white.


  1. Night Owl,

    You are right that manager Frank Lucchesi is #1, front and center. On his right (our left) is #3 coach Billy DeMars. The coach on the other side of Lucchesi looks like George Myatt (although I don't know if he was with the 1970 team). I assume the men on the outboard side of those coaches are other coaches, as it was the Phillies' custom to put all the coaches in the front row, center.

    The guy in the red jacket is traveling secretary Eddie Ferenz.

    The player 4th from left in the back row with the big head is Chris Short. Next to him (3rd from left) I'm guessing is Jim Bunning (because of his height).

    The player seated 2nd from left in the middle row is Johnny Briggs. He wore #12 (you can see the "2" on his uniform). Plus, he was VERY dark.

    1. Jim, you beat me to it with Eddie Ferenze. Is it possible that Tim McCarver is next to Tony Taylor?

    2. It's hard to tell (even when looking at my hand-held card), but the guy sitting on Taylor's left looks more like Dick Selma than Tim McCarver.

  2. Ok, I love a good challenge, especially on Phillies' history, so I went and pulled out my 71 Phillies team card (cause zooming in on your card was distorting the image).

    But, I either need new glasses or a magnifying glass. What I WAS able to figure out is:

    1. the guy seated in the front row between Bowa and the batboy is Denny Doyle
    2. Don Money is seated in the middle row, the 2nd player (3rd person) from the right
    3. Deron Johnson is 2nd from left in the back row
    4. Joe Hoerner is 3rd from right in the back row (next to Wise)

    Tim McCarver was on this team, but I don't see anyone that looks like him.

  3. Jim, I figured wild horses couldn't keep you from commenting. Thanks for your imput and all work you do on your blogs.

  4. Geez just two pennant winners. Were they still playing in the Baker Bowl (aka Connie Mack Stadium)?

  5. The Baker Bowl and Connie Mack Stadium (a/k/a Shibe Park) were 2 different stadiums.

    The Phillies moved out of the Baker Bowl sometime in the 1940s.

  6. The guy in the red jacket is Eddie Ferenze (sp?), the traveling secretary. Why do I know that? As a young Phillies fan at the time, I remembered such trivial matters. I remember that he was on several of their team pics throughout the 70s.