Thursday, March 6, 2014

no. 269 - gail hopkins

Who is the man: Gail Hopkins was new to the Royals in 1971. He was dealt from the White Sox on Oct. 3, 1970. Good thing Topps snapped that cap-less shot of Gail during the photo session.

Can ya dig it: I can't help but notice there is plenty of sky above Hopkins' head, obviously to avoid showing the lettering across his uniform.

Right on: I'm not sure how many cap-less cards there are in the 1971 set. It seems like there are quite a few. I should start counting them.

You see this cat Hopkins is a bad mother: Hopkins played in Japan after his major league career ended in 1974. He set a club mark for the Hiroshima Carp with 33 home runs in 1976.

Shut your mouth: Hopkins found out he was called up the major leagues for the first time when he was in a movie theater. The manager came in and tapped Hopkins on the shoulder. Hopkins thought something had happened to his family. But the manager said, "You've been called up to Chicago."

No one understands him but his woman: After his baseball career ended, Hopkins pursued a medical career, going through medical school together with his wife, Carol. He became a successful orthopedic surgeon and both his son and daughter are doctors.

(A word about the back): I wonder if kids collecting back in '71 were suspicious of the K.C. on the cap knowing that he was new to the Royals. (I know as a kid collecting in 1975, I had no idea).

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  1. If you ask him to he will happily sign "Gail Hopkins, M.D." on his cards.