Wednesday, April 9, 2014

no. 280 - fergie jenkins

Who is the man: Fergie Jenkins was on top of his game at this point in his career and was entering what would be his only Cy Young Award-winning season in 1971, although he would finish second for the award two other times and third two other times.

Can ya dig it: Welcome to one of two stars of the 1971 set that I owned way back when I was a teenager. Out of the maybe 50 initial cards I obtained from the set back then, Jenkins was one of them (I've yet to upgrade). I'll keep you in suspense on the other. It's coming up later.

Right on: The warm-up jacket that Jenkins is wearing under his jersey looks like it's seen better days.

You see this cat Jenkins is a bad mother: I don't care how far "wins" as a pitching stat has fallen, winning 20 games a season for six straight years -- which Jenkins did from 1967-1972 -- is flat-out bad-ass.

Shut your mouth: Jenkins wrote a book called, "The Game Is Easy, Life Is Hard." Possibly the greatest title for a baseball book ever.

No one understands him but his woman: Jenkins has had a difficult time with his personal relationships. His first marriage ended in divorce. His second wife died in an automobile accident. His fiance killed herself. "In my life I've been part of many funerals," he once said. "At one point I told a reporter I should be in a rubber room."

(A word about the back): He's still the best Canadian hurler in baseball history. I suppose Ryan Dempster would be a distant second. Others of note: Eric Gagne, Rich Harden and Erik Bedard.


  1. About a month ago, I read Seasons in Hell, the story of the 1973-75 Texas Rangers. There is a brief funny story about Fergie driving all night to get to Spring Training, then picking up a hitch hiker to have him drive because he was tired. I just don't think that would happen today. Got to give up to him, Fergie is his own man.

  2. Greg, unrelated to this post. Thanks for the inspiration to complete my 71 set. Down to two cards.

    1. You're more than welcome! Your comment is inspiration to complete this blog.