Thursday, April 24, 2014

no. 285 - sal bando

Who is the man: Sal Bando was at the doorstep of greatness in 1971. In fact, he had already had a terrific season in 1969 and came down to earth a little in 1970. But his time as a key player in the A's dynasty of 1972-74 was yet to come.

Can ya dig it: There's a good look at the uniforms that the current A's often pay tribute to during their throwback games. Great stuff.

Right on: It may just be my eyes, but the green of Bando's cap doesn't seem to match his sleeves or socks.

You see this cat Bando is a bad mother: Bando was the captain of the Swingin' A's. The captain of a team that won three straight World Series? Your legacy is cemented after that.

Shut your mouth: Bando, along with Bud Selig, is famously blamed in Milwaukee for letting Paul Molitor leave for the Blue Jays after the 1992 season. Bando, the Brewers GM at the time, supposedly said during negotations that Molitor was "only a DH".

No one understands him but his woman: Bando appeared briefly on The Simpsons. During a scene in which Homer Simpson is painting his driveway to honor "the best team ever," the 1974 A's, Bando drives up with his Oakland teammates and says, "Look, that guy remembers us."

(A word about the back): I'm not sure what the bio is referring to when it says that Bando led AL third baseman for second time. Second time in what?


  1. I have to admit, those were some nice uniforms. The Rangers swept the Swingin' A's last night. It was nice.

  2. I blame Selig more than Bando. Selig was the one writing the checks (or not writing the checks, as the case may be).

  3. Regarding the back: I think it is referring to him leading third baseman in games since that is what is referenced next. Yeah, not exactly AP stylebook writing.

  4. Maybe the cap was new (when they moved to Oakland), but the faded shirt was leftover from their Kansas City years. I don't think Charlie Finley liked to spend money.

  5. I read in "Big Hair & Plastic Grass" that Finley would issue players only one each of each uniform set. So, the gold vest and pants are probably the ones Bando had in that color. I'd hope the players got more than one undershirt and pair of socks and stirrups, but maybe not. Gross.

  6. Sal's GM time in Milwaukee wasn't just about Molitor getting away. His draft choices were generally outright terrible. The worst was a guy named Antone Williamson who hit .205 in 54 ABs. It is felt around here he was pick because he was 3rd baseman for ASU.