Thursday, June 5, 2014

no. 297 - johnny briggs

Who is the man: Johnny Briggs was entering his final season with the Phillies in 1971. In fact, he had probably been traded to the Brewers by the time collectors received this card.

Can ya dig it: Briggs is referred to as "Johnny" on most of his cards (not all), but you can see his signature is "John."

Right on: Briggs is one of those fun guys whose hair gets progressively longer on his cards each year. The difference between his 1965 and 1976 Topps cards is terrific.

You see this cat Briggs is a bad mother: On Aug. 4, 1973, Briggs, who hit 18 home runs that season, went 6-for-6 from the lead-off position in the Brewers' 9-4 victory over the Indians. He didn't drive in a single run.

Shut your mouth: According to Bill James' Historical Abstract, Briggs was the catalyst for a incident between teammates Dick Allen and Frank Thomas in 1965. Allen felt that Thomas, who was known for having some fun with the rookies, was going overboard with Briggs. When Thomas was in the cage hitting, Allen said something that irked Thomas, who said something that irked Allen. That led to a brawl and Thomas was released by the Phillies after the game that day.

No one understands him but his woman: Briggs worked as a corrections officer for 25 years after his career. His wife was a detective in the same sheriff's department in Passaic County.

(A word about the back): American Legion highlights. (*shakes head*)


  1. Briggs is one of several young outfielders that came up with the Phillies in the mid-1960s (to be followed by Alex Johnson, Adolfo Phillips, and Larry Hisle) who were traded away early-on and went on to greater things after leaving the Phillies.

  2. I worked in Paterson (luckily I never got arrested in Paterson) and that town is nothing to fuck wit. Sure, Camden and Newark get all the press for being crime-ridden shitholes but don't sleep on Paterson, especially back in the 80's.