Friday, June 20, 2014

no. 302 - phil gagliano

Who is the man: Phil Gagliano was a brand new Boston Red Sox player after being dealt by the Cubs on Dec. 3, 1970. He had spent just one year in Chicago after eight previous seasons with the Cardinals.

Can ya dig it: That's one close look at an Italian smile. Topps had to shrink his signature down to nothing.

Right on: If I was a kid collecting in 1971, I would have hated this card. No cap. You can't see what team he's playing for. Just a giant head.

You see this cat Gagliano is a bad mother: Gagliano made an immediate impact with the Red Sox in '71. After years of struggling at the plate with the Cardinals, he batted a career-high .324 in 81 at bats.

Shut your mouth: Gagliano was in the same high school class as Tim McCarver and they graduated Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Tenn., together. Both signed with the Cardinals with bonuses, although McCarver's bonus was about $65,000 more than Gagliano's. "We were the gold dust twins," Gagliano said. "Tim got the gold, I got the dust."

No one understands him but his woman: Gagliano always wanted a chance to start and thought he was branded as a utility player with the Cardinals, because he could play so many positions.

(A word about the back): Poor Ralph! One game! He didn't even get an at bat.


  1. I was a kid in 1971 and I remember getting this card. Being a Red Sox fan, I loved it, but you're right- that photo is a real stinker. He looks like he's in a factory or someplace. Some capless pics look mug shots, but this one looks like it's an ID card pic for working at the local manufacturing plant.

  2. Phil came to our little league banquet in 72. I had him sign this card

  3. He looks like Gene Wilder, without the curly red hair.