Monday, January 12, 2015

no. 367 - dalton jones

Who is the man: Dalton Jones had completed his first season with the Tigers when this card was issued. He played in 89 games as a utility infielder.

Can ya dig it: I have no idea who the man is walking in the background. Head groundskeeper maybe? That's an interesting crossing guard stripe on his jacket.

Right on: Love, love, love tractors on baseball cards.

You see that cat Jones is a bad mother: Jones tore up the 1967 World Series for Boston, batting .389 in 17 at-bats, which was the best batting average after Carl Yastrzemski in the Red Sox's lineup.

Shut your mouth: Jones ended his career with the Texas Rangers in 1972. The Rangers were a horrid 54-100 that year and Jones (.159) was one of 10 position players on the team to bat below .200.

No one understands him but his woman: After his career ended, Jones had trouble finding a job outside of baseball. He convinced the Expos to give him a minor league contract and batted just .208 in Triple A. That officially ended his career.

(A word about the back): Topps apparently didn't think the .220 batting average was horrifying enough and relayed the grand slam story for which Jones is famous. Jones passed runner Don Wert between first and second because Wert thought he had to go back to first to tag up on what turned out to be Jones' home run.