Wednesday, January 28, 2015

no. 373 - tom mc craw

Who is the man: Tom McCraw wrapped up his eighth and final season with the White Sox in 1970. He was a member of the Washington Senators by the time this card hit packs. He was dealt to Washington in late March 1971.

Can ya dig it: I can dig that that is a Yankee who is leading off of first base, but can't tell you who he is.

Right on: I wonder how many times Tom McCraw was called Tom McGraw. I know I've wanted to do it.

You see that cat McCraw is a bad mother: McCraw hit three home runs in one game for the White Sox against the Twins on May 24, 1967. He drove in eight runs as Chicago won 14-1.

Shut your mouth: When McCraw was a coach, he would tape conversations with the greatest hitters of the day -- Willie Stargell, Frank Robinson, Wade Boggs and others -- and play those tapes for his hitters. The tapes were meant to give his players insight into the thought process of the best hitters in baseball when they were at the plate.

No one understands him but his woman: McCraw made three errors in one inning during a game in 1968.

(A word about the back): McCraw's career batting average at this point was .240, but he would finish in 1975 with a career batting average of .246. He hit .260 during his final five seasons.


  1. Based on my research the game is Sunday June 7 at Yankee Stadium (day game, Sox road jersey, McCraw playing first, large crowd in bleachers). That means the Yankee could have been one of four: Cater, Munson, Peterson or Michael. Based on that build I'm thinking it is Michael.