Monday, May 11, 2015

no. 409 - don pavletich

Who is the man: Don Pavletich played 32 games in his first season with the Red Sox in 1970. He'd play just one more season and in very limited fashion.

Can ya dig it: You can tell that Pavletich just pounded his mitt as he prepares to give the pitcher a good target.

Right on: The photo is off-center. But at least you get to see the base paths.

You see that cat Pavletich is a bad mother: Pavletich was a bonus baby with the Reds. Required to be carried on the Reds' roster, he appeared in one game in 1957 before entering the military. The back of his 1959 card is interesting in that his stats list exactly one game and one at-bat in his career.

Shut your mouth: In spring training in 1971, Red Sox manager Eddie Kasko said one of his mistakes the previous year was not using Pavletich more and that he was going to give him a long look at the starting catcher position. Pavletich then played just 14 games in '71.

No one understands him but his woman: Even though Pavletich's career ended when 1971 ended, he has a card in the 1972 Topps set. He's listed with the Brewers, but he never played a game for them. He was released by Milwaukee in March.

 (A word about the back): Pavletich was pinch-hitting for Hal Jeffcoat in 1957.


  1. He pinch hit for Hal Jeffcoat in 1957, who had relieved Brooks Lawrence. Newcombe was still a Dodger.

    He pinch ran for Newcomb in his only appearance of 1959.

    1. Apparently my research led me astray. I can't stand having things wrong on the blog, so you'll have to excuse me if I correct this, making your comment a tad confusing.

    2. The only reason I looked was because I didn't know Newcombe was a Red. Interestingly, Brooks Lawrence started the 1959 game also.