Wednesday, May 27, 2015

no. 415 - mike hegan

Who is the man: Mike Hegan enjoyed, by far, his most active year of his 12-year major league career in 1970. He played in 148 games with 476 at-bats, batting .244. His second-highest yearly game total was 112 in 1973.

Can ya dig it: Hegan appears in this first base pose a lot on his cards. Out of his 10 solo Topps cards, he's posing with glove outstretched three times (1968, 1971 and 1976).

Right on: The vast majority of the '71 Brewers photos are taken in Yankee Stadium. I'll have to go back and see exactly how many.

You see that cat Hegan is a bad mother: Hegan was the only Seattle Pilot named to an All-Star Game. But he was injured and didn't play, and teammate Don Mincher took Hegan's place.

Shut your mouth: Hegan was a longtime broadcaster after his playing career ended, most notably for the Indians. His broadcasting career actually began when he was a player. While playing for the Oakland A's, one of Oakland's announcers was ill. Hegan replaced him and announced the game for three innings, and then put his uniform back on to join the A's in the dugout.

No one understands him but his woman: It's appropriate that Hegan is posing in Yankee Stadium, as he was the last batter to come to the plate in 1973 before Yankee Stadium was closed for a couple years for renovations.

(A word about the back): Those franchise marks are low-hanging fruit when the franchise is just two years old.


  1. Mike's was also a great signer TTM before he passed away.

  2. Good, solid card from my all-time favorite set (I'm admittedly biased, the early 70s was my heyday in collecting cards as a kid). I definitely would have been pleased to have pulled this from a pack in the summer of '71. To my way of thinking, this just looks like what a baseball card is supposed to look like.